Thursday, October 29, 2015

This Day in European History: October 29th, 1864

This Day in European History: October 29th, 1864
The Greek Constitution of 1864

By Sarah Adler

As the social environment shifted towards more liberal ideals, a revolt in 1862 against the Greek King Otto marked the end of the constitutional monarchy for Greece. The Second National Assembly drafted a new constitution two years later that transitioned Greece from a constitutional monarchy to a crowned republic - with newly crowned George I as monarch.  It was the first Constitution of Democracy with a King as head of State. For the first time in the world, It also established the principle of universal (direct and secret) ballot and restored popular sovereignty. The people were the driving force of state power, but the King reserved the right to dissolve Parliament at his discretion as long as the Cabinet signed and endorsed the dissolution decree.

George I

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